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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

About the name...

This project has evolved organically in my imagination, so a lot of the names of places featured here may not seem to make a whole lot of sense because they were chosen for their personal meaning.  If one has a story behind it, however, I'll explain, and I'll start with "Wanda's Domain."

I never really chose this name consciously--it just came to me and stuck, and try as I might, I haven't wanted to get rid of it.  

Who is Wanda?  (Note that it's not Wenda, so it's not my egotistical bid for immortalization ;-)  No--Wanda was my pet guinea pig when I was ten years old--just as this city was born.

The namesake enjoying his midday snack :-)  Yes, his.  The pet store can have, ahem, trouble, telling the sexes apart when they're young.  I tried to change his name after finding out, but, like with the city, it stuck.

I love guinea pigs.  They make great pets, and they're just so darn cute!  I've had ten of them, and most got towns named after them...

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  1. Wenda! You certainly picked a cute guinea pig as your poster-pig! He seems to be saying, "What?? I'm just trying to eat my parsley, do you mind? How would you like it if I took a picture of you while YOU were eating?"

    I LOVE your blog so far--keep going!