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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

City Limits

(Thanks to Kurumi for the wonderful SignMaker app!)


You could say I have an obsession of sorts.  For most of my life, I have been fascinated with how cities work.  As a child, I spent hours playing SimCity, dreaming up new lands and metropolises from my imagination.  But at some point, I began to feel limited by the constrictions of the game software; it didn't let me truly express what I wanted to create.  I learned every little trick I came across to cheat my way around the gameplay and just get to the point--building the city I saw in my head!  I was never totally satisfied with the results.

So I created a city in the only place where I could truly mold it to fit my imagination--my own head.  It started small, but soon grew into a county and then an entire metropolitan area, complete with suburbs and all!  I drew maps and sketched out scenes, all with little or no reference.  

Now, I finally have enough material to begin to bring the City of Wanda's Domain to the world, through the amazing power of the internet.  This is very much a personal project for me, a way to bring my disparate passions for both urban planning and art together, into one place.  Special thanks to Bill Olson for encouraging me to put this on the web for all to see.

I hope you continue to read on, and enjoy!


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  1. beautiful, i would love to vacation there in the future.